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May to June 2000


Bali... well, I stopped in Bali on my round-the-world trip in 1999/2000 only because I was flying Garuda Indonesia - they were the cheapest airline at the time, and they allowed me to take my pushbike with me for free. Initially, I wasn't going to get off the plane there because it was said to be unsafe at the time. But luckily, various fellow backpackers that I had bumped into while in New Zealand told me that it would be crazy not to go and that it simply wasn't true that it wasn't safe. And boy, I was so happy I did go. The pushbike.. well, since I had it in my luggage anyway I decided that it was certainly preferable to anything else on the streets of Bali. And so, after getting my bearings and sorting out things in Kuta for a couple of days I got up at 4 am the next morning and swung myself onto my beloved bike, and off I rode (I figured that it would make more sense to ride in the dark for a couple of hours and then stop for the day before noon - it was just too effing hot). Oh, gosh - I could write a book about the trip, but so much be said, it was simply amazing! 

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