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Spring 2019

Palatinate Forest Germany

I love love love the outback! No matter whether Australia or not. I didn't use to think that way. I used to think that only Australia could provide this kind of solitude,  remote, 'getting away from it all' kind of feeling. But turns out that Oman, in fact, CAN compete. Outback is outback after all. 'Outback' is any uninhabited or sparsely populated remote inland region. It could be anywhere in the world. But modern civilization has it that there is not so much left of it! In fact, it seems, the only places that qualify as outback are such places as the Omani (and Saudi) deserts, probably other deserts (don't really know, just guessing), alpine mountain areas (no sorry, the Himalayas don ' t qualify here, too many people), Patagonia, Greenland and Antartica, and Australia's outback  of course ... not much indeed ... oh boy, it makes me sad to think about it, and I don't know if I want to laugh or cry right now as I write this ...

Join me in one of my upcoming workshops or retreats  so that you too can start your own adventure and dive deep into the outer and your inner nature

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