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September - October 2016


I love inland areas that are devoid of civilization - as you surely can tell. But that does not mean that I don't enjoy coastal scenery. The problem with coastlines around the world is that they are usually heavily populated. Well, the Portuguese West coast seems to have a few pockets left that have not been built up with residential areas of the rich. Thank god! Not so much of untouched nature left in Europe, particularly the warmer areas in Southern Europe, but it seems a fair bit of it stretches along the coast south of Lisbon. The thing that I did not try here was off-road camping. There are tons of camper-vans around, and with your own van, you'd be fine. But for me, as a single lady, I like to sleep out when I can, and I love my solitude. So I camp off-road only if there is no one else around. And it makes me feel safer when I can be sure that there's no other humans anywhere near me, especially when I sleep under the stars. Well.. I did not try it out in Portugal. Even though it's not as built up along this particular stretch of coast, there's a fair amount of people that live in the hinterland, not too far away from the coast. So, unfortunately, not the spot for wild camping, at least on my books.

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