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Nature coaching

With nature as a mirror of the soul

Nature coaching

Nature coaching is an incredibly powerful tool. Pretty much every problem, every kind of head carousel, every stuck cart can be solved more easily with the help of Mother Nature. One coaching session is often enough to untangle a really big knot.  

I allow at least 2-3 hours for coaching. This gives you the framework you need to really penetrate into the depths of yourself, without any time pressure. When is there such an opportunity? So what lies beneath the obvious can slowly move to the surface. And once the unconscious becomes visible, it can be cleared, integrated and healed. Clarity comes in. The solution then often presents itself as if by itself. Nature reflects to us what was not tangible or visible to the mind. This is an immense help.

So we just have to get to the heart of the problem. It is often buried and we do not see the tree in front of the lukewarm forest. But the forest in particular helps us to get out of the head and into the heart. And then further into the stomach. Then we are connected to the three important centers that make us up. And that's what we need. The intelligence of the heart, the stomach, the soul. And where can this develop better than in nature?


And the head, you might be wondering? Yes, he should have always been our obedient servant. But that has been lost with today's socialization. Or rather, it has been completely reversed. The head rules the rest of us. But that not only makes us rigid, gives us headaches and / or a tense neck and sometimes does not let us sleep, it also often ensures that we make bad decisions.  

What do you wish for instead? What is important to you? What would you like to see and experience in the future? Which qualities in you and those around you are important to you? Some unanswered questions, I guess? All the more important to go into nature! There the natural balance can be restored, answers can come by themselves.

Does something resonate? Does something speak to you about what you have just read from your soul? Then let's talk!  


The how, where, when, what, and the details - e.g. how often we carry out this coaching, or whether it should be a series of coaching or a single appointment, etc. pp. - we discuss all of this together after a thorough inventory during a free session via Zoom.

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How where

The first conversation is free so that we can find out together whether it 'fits' and what your concern is. We usually do this via zoom. Only then do we decide how to proceed. 


A coaching session usually lasts 2 - 3 hours, in individual cases longer, and costs a flat rate of € 300.

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