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Karunesh Heart Chakra Meditation

This meditation leads you gently and yet actively from the head to the heart

Karunesh Heart Chakra Meditation

From the head to the heart

For this meditation Karunesh composed a deep and at the same time light music, which promotes the perception of the heart. This active yet gentle meditation technique stimulates the heart chakra and has a cleansing effect on the whole body. Pent up feelings can dissolve and lightheartedness and joy can set in.

The meditation method is done with music:

The music for the Karunesh Heart Chakra Meditation

Basic position

Stand in a relaxed position in a warm and comfortable place. The eyes are open. Put both hands on the heart chakra (the center of the chest).

Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat and breathe easily and relaxed. Inhale fresh energy into your body and release old energy as you exhale. The cycle of give and take begins ...

North phase (6:08 min.)

Before the melody begins, listen very carefully to the previous four breathing examples. When the real music starts, exhale strongly with a "Tsch" and extend your right arm and leg forward at the same time. The palm of the hand should be facing outwards - the old energy is pushed out of the body.

As you inhale, bring your arm and leg back to the basic position with your hands on the heart chakra. Now, as you breathe out again, repeat the same movements with your left arm and leg.

Repeat these movements over and over with the rhythm of the music.  


Don't move your whole body forward. Stay centered in the same place and just move your arms and legs.


East & West phase (6:08 min)

Listen to the first four breaths again. The process is similar, but instead of moving forward, you now move to the side. Twist the top of your body slightly.


When you exhale with a "Tsch", extend your right arm and leg to the right (EAST) and with the next exhalation you extend your left arm and leg to the left (WEST).

When you breathe in, bring your arm and leg back to the basic position, with your hands above the heart chakra. Repeat this sequence.

South phase (6:08 min)

This time you make the movement you want to move backwards. As you exhale, the upper body, head, right arm, and right leg look back to the right while your left leg stays in place.

As you inhale, come back to the basic position. Now you repeat the same movement with your left arm and leg. Repeat this sequence.

The Circle (7:36 min)

In this phase connect all movements (forward, east, west and back) in a flowing sequence. This is the most energetic part of meditation. Repeat this sequence.

The Inner Temple (5:36 min)

Please sit in a relaxed position or lie down. Let the music flow gently through your body. Breathe normally and feel the connection with your heart. (You can put both hands on your heart chakra.)

Tibetan bowls (14:47 min)

If you want to continue to relax in absolute silence, turn off the CD player after the music. Or you can indulge in the magic of Tibetan singing bowls and immerse yourself in an eternity of sound and silence ...

Video tutorial on Karunesh Heart Chakra Meditation

Meditate together

It's just better together. In addition, we can work together to develop a field in which synergies arise. And yes, it works with zoom too. When the next Karunesh Heart Chakra Meditation takes place, you can see on the appointment list

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Another note:

Active mediation also has its limits and is not a substitute for therapy, psychological counseling or other therapeutic work. If you come across emotional or energetic limits in active mediation, please seek competent help, for example in the context of individual sessions, with me or a therapist you trust.  

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