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Hello Spring

Ritual day to celebrate the equinox

Hello Spring,  Inside & outside - one day

Time for you and a fragrant forest with idyllic corners and peaceful silence.  ​


Together we want to welcome spring. Inside and outside. Nature invites us to wake up. Let's do the same to her. Let us open ourselves to the new. The growth. The miracles that want to show themselves in us.  

At 4:32 p.m. on March 20, 2022, the time has come: At this moment, the sun is directly above the equator at the zenith. It is the day when the night is as long as the day and we celebrate the victory of light over darkness. And both worldly and energetic tidying up as "spring cleaning" often takes place around the spring-equinox. This day is an energetic milestone in the cycle of nature. Everything is in the starting blocks and nature is finally awakening from its hibernation.

We can harness this energy by sowing the seeds for our own personal success. This time has traditionally been honored and appreciated for a long time. We can also use the special power of the equinox to go inside and to really clean and tidy up inside.  


And that's exactly what we want to do together. For this we meet near a forest, into which we walk together in silence and settle down at a suitable ritual place. We start the ritual as a group. The framework and the course of the ritual are described in detail and we agree to it together. It contains a common part and a longer break that you can spend alone in nature (also near the ritual site).  

if  we are in nature, we can become internally still. then  we find  Answers to our questions. Thoughtful knots loosen, we come back into the natural flow of life and regain our creativity.  In and with nature we have the opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves, with the core of who we really are. We see things more clearly. The complexity of the mind is slowly dissolving. It becomes easier to see what really matters. It becomes easier to let go, to 'clean out' inside, or to recognize and confirm truths.


After you have come back to the group, we will share what you have experienced in a circle. In this way the group can witness and mirror your inner experience. This sharing has magic, it creates a mystical, very powerful space, ours  Transformation supported. Your sharing becomes a gift for you as an individual and for us as a group.

Nature my Goddess, gegründet von Aneesha C. Mueller,  organisiert Waldbaden, Natur Retreats und Schweigeseminare im Bergischen Land, der Eifel & im Raum Köln & Bergisch Gladbach. Waldbaden (Shinrin-Yoku) ist der meditative Aufenthalt in der Natur, das Erfahren der Natur mit Achtsamkeit und allen Sinnen, ein besonderes Naturerlebniss & eine Auszeit im Wald zum abschalten, entschleunigen und Seele baumeln lassen; Es ist wie ein kleiner Kurzurlaub im Grünen und führt zu mehr Klarheit, Gelassenheit und Ruhe.

When where

March 20, 2022

We meet at 9:00 a.m. at a place near the forest in the Bergisch Gladbach / Odenthal area. Further details are to be announced. The end of the event is around 3 p.m.

Contribution to costs: 45 €.  

Here you can find out why I love going into the wilderness alone

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