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About me 



Nature my Goddess was born after a few of my loved ones made me aware of the fact that I should definitely connect my work with people with nature. I was like a fish in the water who doesn't know what water actually means. It took me a while to understand.


I've spent countless months alone in nature. And I've been asked again and again why. I have never been able to give a clear and unequivocal answer to this. Just like the fish in the water. It was only when I began to actually work with people in nature that I realized how much I actually had to give. And here I am now, looking forward to getting to know you soon.

By the way: Most people call me Aneesha, but my parents named me Christina. However, they only ever called me Tina, never Christina. And so everyone can choose whether they want to call me Aneesha, Tina or Christina.

Training & work experience


Aneesha is a state-certified health practitioner (BfG), psychological consultant and meditation teacher.  Since 2004 she has been working with people in different settings from all corners of the world, until 2013 in Australia, then until 2018 in India, and now in Bergisch Gladbach. This brings a wide range of experience to their work. She gives individual sessions (in person and online) and leads seminars.

Since 1999 she has been walking alone in the wilderness on foot, by bicycle or by off-road vehicle, often for months. (Here are pictures of it).

Here are a few key data about her career:

  • 20 years of wilderness experience with a tent or bivouac on your own (more here )

  • Since 1999 own time out in nature & spiritual search  

  • 16 years of meditation experience and mindfulness practice  

  • University degree in psychological counseling  

  • State-certified health practitioner (BfG)

  • Further training in person-centered therapy according to Rogers, art therapy, breathing therapy, body-oriented trauma work, somatic coaching, couple and relationship counseling, emotional release therapy, spiritual counceling, meditation & mindfulness

  • Individual work with people (psych. Counseling & coaching) since 2004  

  • Since 2011 leading mindfulness-based courses and meditation retreats

  • Since 2003 own inner work and personal development


About me

Ich im Wald verliebt in Joy.jpeg

Creating a connection with the wildness outside is a way of keeping the wildness within alive.


~ People of Lapland

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