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Nature rituals

Strengthening for times of uncertainty

Nature rituals

Support, strengthen and rituals  help us in times of uncertainty, in processes of change and in accepting the  The new, the unknown. Rituals help us to consciously perceive, accept and appreciate transitions in life as such. They make it easier to let go and the new, for example a new life situation  to welcome.  And we use them to honor and appreciate transitions in the cycle of nature.


The spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice are concise moments in which we can use nature rituals to sort ourselves out, to let go of the old and To create space for new things. Just as nature is constantly in the process of change, we can do exactly this with the help of rituals like nature does.  

Ground yourself, rekindle the inner fire or simply express pure joie de vivre, support, comfort, accompany and guide us through nature rituals. The forest helps us to find our way back to our origins and thus to ourselves.  

According to the general definition, a ritual is a mostly solemn act with a high symbolic content that proceeds according to a fixed pattern. With the right amount of devotion, we can even perceive a nature ritual as a sacred act; it is something that makes you 'heal'. It can bring us into connection with our spirituality, which we may all too often have to suppress or cover up in everyday life.


Nature rituals can  to a  Become a bridge between our consciousness and our subconscious, and nature becomes a mirror that symbolically wants to show us something. These symbols represent a kind of language between the levels of consciousness. We use them to convey to our subconscious: something old has ended, something new can begin. Right now in 2020/2021 we are facing major changes. Here nature rituals can catch us,  give a stop, give consolation  In times of uncertainty or difficulties, letting go of the old and welcoming the new.  


I organize individually designed rituals on request, you can choose the date freely. There is also the possibility to book me as a group for the creation of nature rituals  the following annual festivals:  

Mar 20, 2021 Spring equinox

Jun 20, 2021 summer solstice

22 Sep 2021 Autumn Equinox

Sep 21, 2021 winter solstice

Another note:

Nature rituals have their limits and are not a substitute for therapy, psychological counseling or other therapeutic work. If you encounter emotional or energetic limits during a ritual, please seek competent help, for example in the context of individual sessions, with me or a therapist you trust.  

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