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Loving Kindness Meditation

Let your love flow ...

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation has its origins in Buddhism and is called metta meditation there.  The goal  it is to bring out and strengthen love, kindness and goodness in us.

Here I am  suggest three variants of metta meditation. How long you practice these, you can  determine yourself. I usually practice 10 minutes, and I like to do it on days off  20 minutes or more. Try  it for you and find  a suitable length that is for you  is consistent. There are no rules here.  


Find  a pleasant, upright one  Sitting posture and close yours  Eyes.

Take you  a few minutes to your  To feel breath. Eighth  on every inhalation and exhalation in order to fully perceive the present moment.

After a few breaths, focusing on inhaling and exhaling, begin   now yours  To perceive the heart. You can  put your hands here if you like  this helps.

1st variant

Stay  with your attention to yours  Breath and be yourself  at the same time yours  Heartfelt consciously.


legend  in silence or speak it  out loud:

  • May I be well.

  • I may be happy.

  • I like myself

  • May I be healthy and free from anger.

  • May I be satisfied and relaxed.


Well you've got  the choice: you can  stick with it, metta only  to you of you  judge yourself, or you can  direct it to others, e.g. to  Friends, to  neutral  People  People with whom you  Have trouble  Animals, and ultimately everyone  sentient beings. Even if you  direct the energy to others, you can  put this into words and say it out loud. Sat  then enter the name or names accordingly.

  • May it be xyz  go well.

  • May xyz be happy.

  • May xyz be healthy and free from anger.

  • May xyz be satisfied and relaxed.

2nd variant

Let  your  Heart blossom in metta energy. Demand  your  Heart on that  Allowing metta energy to enter. Face yourself  this pictorially. Lay  one or both hands on the heart area and feel  after this touch.

Whisper: (Please) let me feel love / metta.

Feel yours  Heart area, and maybe soon you will bathe in the feeling of love. As in variant 1  can you  this energy as soon as you get it  feel, send to others,  or on you  judge yourself.


3rd variant

Remember a person, an animal, a place in nature that represents love and kindness for you or for whom you  Feel or have felt love.

As soon as you  Love in yours  Feel the heart, open it  inside the locks and let  the love there in yours  Bodies flow where they are needed. Are you  filled, you can  the energy over yours too  Let the body flow out to where the energy wants to go. Trust  on that  the love of yours  Will flow from the heart to where it is needed. 

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Love and Kindness ...
can never be wasted!
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