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OSHO Gourishankar Meditation

Peaceful and yet powerful as a mountain with OSHO Active Meditations

OSHO Gourishankar Meditation

Resting in you, peaceful and yet powerful as a mountain.  


Osho says that if the breathing is done properly in the first stage of this meditation, the carbon dioxide that builds up in the bloodstream will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mt. Everest). Why and why is explained in the following video (Unfortunately in English, sorry).  

Meditation also stimulates the 3rd eye, which is where many traditions believe our intuition to be at home.  


Instructions for OSHO Gourishankar meditation

The meditation lasts one hour and has four phases of 15 minutes each. It is best suited as an evening meditation.

The meditation method is done with music:

Music for the Osho Gourishankar meditation

First phase: 15 minutes

Sit down with your eyes closed. Inhale deeply through your nose to fill your lungs. Hold your breath as long as possible; then exhale gently through your mouth, keeping your lungs empty for as long as possible. Continue this breathing cycle during this phase.


Second phase: 15 minutes

Return to normal breathing and gaze gently at a candle flame or a blinking blue light. Keep your body still.


Note: People with a neurological disorder such as epilepsy should not use a strobe or flashing light for this meditation. Instead, they can blindfold the second phase.


Third phase: 15 minutes

Stand up with your eyes closed and let your body become relaxed and receptive. You will feel the subtle energies moving the body outside of your normal control. Allow this "latihan" to happen. Don't make the movement: let the movement happen, gently and gracefully.


Fourth phase: 15 minutes

Lie down with your eyes closed, still and calm.

Video tutorial for OSHO Gourishankar meditation

Meditate together


It's just better together. In addition, we can work together to develop a field in which synergies arise. And yes, it works with zoom too. You can see when the next OSHO Kundalini meditation will take place on the appointment list

Nature my Goddess, gegründet von Aneesha C. Mueller, organisiert Natur Retreats, Schweigeseminare und Waldbaden im Bergischen Land, der Eifel & im Raum Köln & Bergisch Gladbach. Im Angebot sind Online-Meditation, OSHO Aktive Meditation, Waldbaden, Gesprächskreise und rituelle Auszeiten im Wald, als auch andere Onlineangebote wie TRE für Entspannung & Stressabbau via Zoom. OSHO Aktive Meditation hilft zum Selbstwertgefühl stärken, Vertrauen aufbauen, Stress bewältigen und zur Ruhe kommen und ist bestens geeignet als Meditation für Anfänger. Meditieren lernen lohnt sich, denn es schenkt Entspannung, Innere Ruhe, Frieden und Klarheit.

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Another note:

Active mediation also has its limits and is not a substitute for therapy, psychological counseling or other therapeutic work. If you come across emotional or energetic limits in active mediation, please seek competent help, for example in the context of individual sessions, with me or a therapist you trust. 

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