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Solo time out in nature and a virtual sharing circle

Time out in the 'home forest'  and then a virtual get-together and share from the heart

Solo time out in nature and virtual council

The solo break in nature and the Virtual Council is for you if you feel the longing for connection and support in times of Covid-19 (and trust that this connection can also be felt via Zoom). Maybe you just long for a few hours of rest, away from all the chaos on the outside. The nature is  there for us and support us if we allow her.  

And that's why I invite you to this event.  At the beginning we meet 'in a circle' on Zoom and there we will begin the holy break in nature together. Everyone can then go to his or her home park  Walk in the woods and enjoy the time-out. After the agreed time, we will meet again at Zoom to share what we have experienced.  The council allows us to share with others what moves us inside. Listening see in  Focus. That is  of vital  Meaning. We want to create a space in which everyone can speak from the heart and share what depresses them and maybe also what makes them happy.  

Council is a non-hierarchical form of non-violent communication in groups and helps us to develop more self-respect and mindfulness. That  creates a deep sense of connection, because here people listen and not interrupt. This sharing has magic, it creates a sacred space, ours  Transformation supported. Your sharing becomes a gift for you  as an individual and for us as a group.

Please click on the button below in the green field to get to the registration form.

Mit der Nutzung dieses Angebots erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, eine temporäre Zugehörigkeit zum Staatsverein Königreich Deutschland (KRD) einzugehen. Es entstehen dadurch keine weiteren Rechte oder Pflichten. Danke, dass du da bist und dich für Wahrheit und Wachstum interessierst.     

Warum KRD? Du findest die Antwort hier

When where

Nov 21, 2020

We'll meet at 9:00  Watch on zoom (details via email after booking). The Virtual Council runs until around 1:00 p.m.  Clock. The participation fee is € 18.

Nature my Goddess, gegründet von Aneesha C. Mueller,  organisiert Waldbaden, Natur Retreats und Schweigeseminare im Bergischen Land, der Eifel & im Raum Köln & Bergisch Gladbach. Waldbaden (Shinrin-Yoku) ist der meditative Aufenthalt in der Natur, das Erfahren der Natur mit Achtsamkeit und allen Sinnen, ein besonderes Naturerlebniss & eine Auszeit im Wald zum abschalten, entschleunigen und Seele baumeln lassen; Es ist wie ein kleiner Kurzurlaub im Grünen und führt zu mehr Klarheit, Gelassenheit und Ruhe.

Here you can find out why me  so gladly  go alone into the wilderness

Connecting with God Inside Out

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