New Zealand

October 1999 - March 2000

New Zealand ..  long story ..  maybe I will tell you another time .. (actually, the story is in the audio on the bottom of the  Events Page) ..  but for now, what I will say, New Zealand called me loud and clear, and I listened. And I am forever grateful that I did. It changed my life! The idea to use a push bike as my means of transport is to be credited to a dear friend of mine from uni. I hated the idea of having to sit on a bus that goes from one city to the next. My calling was to spend as much time in nature as possible. But I knew that I was not going to be able to afford a car. So Gero, my friend, casually said, 'why don't you take your mountain bike?' - I dismissed it. It took another 6 people to mention riding a bike as a means of transport until I got the message. So after a long and hard fight with my weaker self, I eventually decided, yes I'd give it a go. I was still not convinced of it when I actually landed in Auckland. But staying in Auckland for 6 weeks helped, and by and by, the idea grew more and more attractive, until the big day came, and I did it; I packed the bike, hopped on, and started pedaling. No big goals, just pedal, one day at the time. The first day I rode an incredible  30 k's. Well, it worked, I survived. The next day I did 10 k's more. And then 10 more ... and guess what! In the end, I did make my way all the way to Wanaka on the South Island. Proud I was, yes!

PS the original pictures were prints, and I scanned them in, so their quality sucks, but I thought who cares :-)


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