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Nature my Goddess Training

The right time for your transformation is NOW

Nature my Goddess Training

Connecting with God Inside and Out




What is the Nature my Goddess Training


The Nature my Goddess Training comprises a 5-part workshop series spread over 24 months. This training is about realizing the real you, living your highest potential and overcoming whatever is holding you back. It's about transformation and not about beautifying the facade.  In my work I support you to see what is going on behind your facade, what is slumbering in the subconscious. It's about bringing the subconscious into consciousness so that it can be transformed.


Every problem, every projection, every blockage, every experience of emptiness, fear, tension, or emotional confusion has to do with the fact that we have lost the connection to the real self. So my work is based on the understanding that these feelings are related to a loss of contact with ourselves, with our 'being', and that the ego tries to imitate what we have 'lost'. It does this by making an effort, feeling justified, defending, projecting, withdrawing, having strong emotions, analyzing things, and constantly brooding. The work on the "ego level" can alleviate psychological suffering somewhat, but the deeper healing and real transformation happens through the restoration of this contact to our being, with which we through early  Childhood stresses have lost touch.


I would like to give you impulses for a life according to your own rules, help you to walk through your life less anxiously, support you when you allow yourself to be guided too much by others and attach too much importance to the opinions of others. I want to help you be true to yourself and follow your own truth.


All of this is embedded in nature, and that's why I also support you to be alone in and with nature and to feel comfortable, safe and secure. Both being alone and being in contact with others are capitalized here. Practicing being alone helps to integrate more independence and self-care into normal life. Through connecting elements in group work, we practice allowing closeness, connection and love (love of self and neighbor). It's about getting closer to yourself, knowing your own needs and being able to represent them. And it's about being able to breastfeed them yourself, but also being able to ask and accept others for it.  

Being in nature can also help you to find and cultivate calm and inner peace within yourself, regulate your nervous system and 'come down', and to discover your 'real' inner guidance that enables you to live your truth, instead of following the guidelines of your environment or society.  


The workshop series consists of 5 parts. These live workshops take place in nature and are completed over 24 months as part of 5 separate modules. Between the modules there will be group sessions via Zoom. You will also receive further support through individual work, either in person or via Zoom.  The next training will start in the spring of 2023.

Nature my Goddess Training

"When one enters a forest, it is  like stepping inside a soul. "


Paul Claudel

Nature my Goddess, gegründet von Aneesha C. Mueller,  organisiert Natur Retreats, Schweigeseminare, Waldbaden, Persönlichkeits Training für Bewusstseinsarbeit und Natur Coaching im Bergischen Land, der Eifel & im Raum Köln & Bergisch Gladbach. Im Angebot sind Veranstaltungen wie Waldbaden, Gesprächskreise und rituelle Auszeiten im Wald, als auch Onlineangebote für Gruppen wie TRE für Entspannung & Stressabbau sowie Online-Meditation via Zoom und Einzelarbeit, Einzelsitzungen, one on one in Form von Natur Coaching. Das Nature my Goddess Life Training in der Natur ist eine kraftvolle Jahresgruppe und kann in Zeiten großer Veränderungen und Herausforderungen einen großen Dienst leisten. Naturrituale, begleitet durch einen Natur Coach, können tiefe Entspannung, Innere Ruhe, Frieden, Klarheit und einen neuen Lebenssinn schenken.

Connecting with God Inside Out

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