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The active meditation outdoor retreat

A silence seminar in nature with a lot of movement inside and outside

The active meditation outdoor retreat [silent seminar]




A different kind of silence seminar  

! The retreat was canceled due to COVID-19!

This retreat is about meditation paired with a lot of time outside (including sleeping in a tent). This is the somewhat different silence seminar, because we become active meditations  use instead of sitting rigidly on the pillow and weave the whole thing into the nature that surrounds us.  

The Active Meditations work on a level that is beyond the cognitive mind. With it, even unconscious inner blockages can be solved very easily without us having to dig into the past and ruminate the old stories. The result is not just greater serenity. Even stubborn patterns that keep getting in our way can be resolved over time. Used regularly, these methods contribute to your inner freedom, more zest for life and a free flow of energy.  

Another part of our time together are small teaching units in which you can get to know a self-help tool called TRE®. Regardless of whether you want to reduce stress and anxiety or relieve muscle tension, or whether you are looking for ways to increase your performance, improve your relationships or optimize your mental health - both Active Meditations and TRE offer you that and much more more. And both are powerful self-help tools that you can use yourself at home for the rest of your life.

Here are a few good reasons why it is worthwhile  Spending time with us in the countryside:

  • the  Active meditations awaken more passion, fresh energy and strength in you

  • The wilderness of nature is proven to be beneficial  Health and wellbeing

  • The number of natural killer cells in the blood (against cancer) increases considerably after 2 hours in the forest. The forest researcher Qing Li has proven this. 

  • The fragrant forests, idyllic hiking trails and glittering lakes nourish your soul

  • The forest helps you to let go of tension and stress away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

  • Meet like-minded people who care about nature as much as you do

  • Get to know other people who are looking just like you

  • Let your heart rise in the circle of judgment-free and loving attention

  • Discover new ways to yourself with the nature rituals and tools you learn

  • Learn the highly effective TRE method to reduce chronic stress

  • And enjoy the feeling of simplicity and the benefits of the 'back to basics' experience


If that appeals to you, we look forward to seeing you there in 2021.

Dates for the next retreat:  

[👉27. - 30 May 2021   in Fly Oak , Wipperführung, Oberbergisches Land] CANCELED!

Retreats start at 4:00 p.m. on the first day and end at 4:00 p.m. on the last day.

The daily program starts at 7:00 am with the morning meditation and ends with the evening meditation (time varies). Night's rest from 10:30 p.m.


295 € seminar fee, plus accommodation including full board and room use 57 € per day. Overnight stays in your own tent or in the six-person room in the Boy Scout House.  

Registration deadline: 

Please register no later than 5 days before the start of the retreat.  


The normal Storo conditions will be overwritten if the retreat is canceled due to COVID-19. In this case you will get all your money back - no questions asked! 

The conditions beyond that are as follows: Up to three months before the start of the retreat, only 10 € are charged  Processing fee will be charged, but you will be reimbursed the full seminar price. If you withdraw less than one month before the start of the retreat, up to 50% of the seminar price will be charged. In the event of cancellation less than a week before the start of the program, the full seminar price plus additional costs for accommodation and meals must be paid. In the event of premature termination (e.g. as a result of a personal decision or illness, etc.), no reimbursement will be made either.


I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.   


John Muir

Nature my Goddess, gegründet von Aneesha C. Mueller,  organisiert Schweigeseminare und ein jährliches Natur Retreat abseits der Hektik des Alltags für Naturfreunde und Menschen, die an Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und innerer Wachstum interessiert sind. Es ist eine Auszeit im Wald zum abschalten, entschleunigen und Seele baumeln lassen - wie ein kleiner Kurzurlaub im Grünen. Es ist aber auch tiefe Bewusstseinsarbeit für deine innere Transformation und schenkt dir mehr Klarheit, Gelassenheit und Ruhe. Stehst du vor einer großen Veränderung? Möchtest du dein Selbstbewusstsein stärken? Sehnst du dich nach mehr Selbstbstimmung? Ob Burnoutprävention, Stressbewältigung, sich selbst finden, oder die Suche nach dem Lebenssinn dich treibt ist gleich. Und Meditieren lernen lohnt sich.Sei dabei!

The power of nature helps us to get in touch with the inside of our being. The soul of nature reflects our soul deep inside, if we are receptive to it. We get the chance to recognize and develop our own inner nature.


Details about the retreat

The framework is created by 60-minute active meditations. Another part of our time together are small teaching units about effective stress management. We will learn what exactly constant stress does to us and what you, apart from  Time out in the forest  can still help:  A method called  TRE® . The program is rounded off with the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature to the full.  All of that will  contribute to the fact that we open ourselves more and more to the magic of nature, the mind is calmer and our center is strengthened.

Accommodation and meals


The retreat takes place in the scout center Fly Oaks, Wipper leads in the Oberbergischer Kreis.  Overnight stays in your own tent or in the six-person room in the Boy Scout House.  For food, simple and healthy,  vegetarian  eat  taken care of. Please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances. We are flexible  and we are happy to adapt to your needs.

What should you bring with you?

Mat / sleeping pad and sleeping bag, good hiking shoes as well as yoga or medi-mat and a seat cushion (also inflatable in the trekking shop) for meditation are the basics you will need.  


After booking, we will send you a PDF with further details of everything you should bring.

Why in the forest?

Nature is healing on many levels and it supports us to go inside and 'come down'. Many of us have lost touch with nature and, for the most part, we live very unnatural lifestyles. This retreat should help you to reconnect to nature 'out there' as well as to the 'nature within you'.  

And whether we are aware of it  or not, we become subliminal  influenced by the guiding principles and beliefs of our parents, friends, partners and the subtle suggestions of the mass media. The nature and inner work during this retreat help to wake up from this 'trance' and our inner being  to recognize more and more. Then we have a chance  to follow one's own inner guidance instead of the guidelines of society, parents, teachers or politicians. And when we are in contact with our soul, we will never harm nature, we will protect it.  

Check out the links for some great articles  about why the forest is so good for us.  

Why why why...  i do this work

With everything that I offer, my aim is to support you, to recognize the real you, your highest potential  live and overcome whatever is holding you back.

I want you  Giving impulses for a life according to your own rules, you  help you to walk through your life with less anxiety, support you when you let yourself be guided too much by others and attach too much importance to the opinions of others. I want to help you be true to yourself and follow your own truth.

I see nature as a house of God. For me, God also lives in the forest. In every plant, in the wind, in the clouds. The connection to God, gratitude, reverence and trust  is what is needed as a framework for this transformation.  

Please note

The inner work starts where you are right now. That is very different from individual to individual. Participation in this workshop does not guarantee measurable results or the achievement of certain stages of development.


If you are not sure or have any questions,  please call me  or  click  here  for a free preliminary talk via Skype. You can reach me by phone at  0152 23474177. I look forward to hearing from you.  


The retreat will take place in the scout center Fly Oak in the Oberbergisches Land,  completely quiet at the edge of the forest. The house is very simple though  appropriately furnished  and  no frills. We are surrounded by a wonderful  Silence and the house  offers us everything we need. Here you can find a few pictures of the area.

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